AI Projects

Speech Recognition Demo
Player is a marine drill sergeant that can give verbal commands to their squad onscreen and watch their reactions.

Recognizable Command List:
  • Attention : Squad returns from 'At Ease' to 'Attention' and turns to face the player.
  • At Ease : Squad randomly rotates in place to simulate a sense of inattentiveness. If order is given while squad is marching, squad replies via onscreen text, "As You Were, Sir!", indicating that they cannot follow that order. When 'At Ease', squad will ignore all orders except for "Attention".
  • Forward March : Squad starts marching in place in the direction they were facing.
  • Left Face / Turn Left : Squad rotates in place to the left. Squad will follow order when in either 'Attention' or 'Marching' states.
  • Right Face / Turn Right : Squad rotates in place to the right. Squad will follow order when in either 'Attention' or 'Marching' states.
  • Company Halt / Stop : If squad is currently marching, then the squad will stop and return to the 'Attention' state.
  • Dismissed : Closes the program. Order can be given at any time.

Used SAPI 5.1 for speech recognition. Incorporated a previously used Finite State Machine framework and implemented over 10 AI states and sub states.